Have I mentioned how much I love adventurous couples?!

These two totally embraced every moment of this rainy Garden of the gods adventure session. The weather changes so quickly here in Colorado that it's often hard to keep up. There was a possible chance of rain in the forecast for this session, but we all agreed to go for it anyway.

Little did we know what the garden had in store for us...

The session started off with some light sprinkles as I took pictures of Amy and Spencer and their adorable and extremely friendly dogs. As the rain drops started getting bigger, we decided to hop back in our cars and head to another spot in the park.

The best part about the session was that because of the rain (and even some hail), the park was practically EMPTY! And that never happens in Garden of the gods. So even though the weather wasn't "perfect", we had the place to ourselves AND had a blast dancing in the rain... literally.

As the storm clouds rolled away, we were met with a beautiful Rocky Mountain sunset.

It was the perfect way to end our evening together.

Thank you Amy & Spencer for embracing this adventure with me!