Carli and Griffin came from out of state for their elopement and fell in love with red rocks and epic landscapes, so they decided that Garden of the gods would be the perfect place. They met less than a year ago and started their relationship as friends before they took it to the next level. They said “everything just felt right and we just knew. We decided to elope just us two because we want this time and moment to be sacred between the both of us”. When I first met them, I met them in the parking lot and was immediately stunned by how gorgeous they looked together! We walked around a bit and decided on the perfect spot for them to say their vows. The vows were so heartfelt and they had them written to each other in engraved leather-bound vow books and then shared their first kiss as a married couple. After their ceremony, they were ready for adventure! We spent the rest of the time exploring the area, climbing on the red rocks, and hiking along the trail. They plan to have a celebration in their city apartment building back home with their friends and family when they get back! I always love and appreciate when couples come from different areas of the country and choose me to capture one of the most important and special days of their lives. It is truly such an honor!