If you want to take full advantage of your chosen outdoor elopement location, a picnic celebration is a perfect option. Here are few ideas for packing your ideal picnic basket:

Build your own "grazing table" -  Bring cheese, crackers, cured meats, fruits and nuts and add them all to the one board – delicious, tasty and easy. Add a bottle of your favorite wine and voila, you've got a perfect elopement picnic!

Dessert - Whether it's a small gourmet cake, a couple of decadent chocolate cupcakes, mini meringue pies, or any other sweet treat of your choice, a wedding day dessert is a must!

Make your own cocktails - Bring along a cocktail shaker or pre-mix your favorites ahead of time. Espresso martinismojitos, and Moscow mules – all of these pack well and require a small amount of ice and chilled ingredients to top off. Mix up individual serves in mason jars or pack some pretty glassware if you're feeling fancy!

Get it catered - if you want to avoid doing it yourself, order a custom charcuterie spread from Graze Craze which includes a variety of cured meats and cheeses combined with fresh fruits, vegetables, house-made condiments, dips and jams, and freshly baked breads and artisan crackers.

If you choose to pack a picnic, be sure to have some sort of sturdy vessel to hold it all. Beautiful straw picnic baskets will set the quintessential picnic vibe, but you can totally consider other options like a picnic backpack.