Josie and Bobby traveled all the way from their hometown in Minnesota for some adventurous Colorado engagement photos. They didn’t really have a specific location in mind, so they let me choose. I love when clients let me choose the location! They only requested a mountainous background, so I knew the perfect spot to take them. I took them to one of my favorite gems and we had the best time exploring the area. We were the only ones around, so we had a wide range of possibilities. It was an overcast day, but the rain held out long enough until we were done with our session. We were laughing the whole time and it was so fun watching them goof around and make each other smile. I even learned about how they met during an ‘Eat Italy’ course in college, which was one week on campus and three weeks in Italy. After they got back to the US, Bobby asked Josie on a date and now here they are!