McKena and Carter were on vacation in Colorado Springs celebrating their anniversary. These two met in high school and have been together for twelve years. They enjoy traveling, golfing, checking out local breweries, and spending time with their newborn son, Harrison.

In their inquiry, McKena requested a location with a forest and a mountain view for the photos which she plans to print for their Christmas cards. I knew just the spot to take them that has the best of both. I had a great time capturing these photos, and Harrison was such a trooper in front of the camera.

I made sure to get photos of McKena and Carter by themselves as well as the whole family together. While of course family photos are important, I believe the photos of yourselves as a couple are equally as significant. Continue documenting your relationship over the years so one day you can look back on all those photos and see the evolution of your unique love story - That's priceless in my opinion.