I met Sara & Dustin in Woodland Park where they followed me down some dirt roads to get to our first location. When we arrived, their dogs Moose and Remi hopped out of their truck and happily greeted me before running off to chase each other in the open fields. As soon as we started our session, I knew it was going to be good. Sara and Dustin had the best energy and I loved getting to know them and their story. They are outdoorsy, adventurous people and I wanted their photoshoot to be a reflection of that.

As we were taking photos in the open field, it started snowing. I love that they totally embraced it and didn't even seem fazed by the cold temperature and sprinkles of snow. After cracking some beers and tailgating in the back of their truck, we moved to the final destination of the evening - a more woodsy location. Right around this time, the sun dropped behind the horizon and we caught a beautiful sunset with hues of pink and orange. It was the perfect way to cap the evening.